Pop up portraiture FAQ

What is Pop up portraiture?

Pop up portraiture is studio portraiture setup in your venue or a convenient location near to you

What equipment will be set up? How much space is required?

We will bring our professional mobile studio, which includes 3 X Studio Flash Lights, 2 X Daylight Balanced LED Studio lights, Backdrop & Stand and Tripods.
We require mains power, and a space approximately 10 foot by 10 foot.
Not all the equipment may be used on every occasion

How long will each individual photograph take?

Approximately 5-10 minutes per photo, we like to allow time for each individual to settle and be comfortable, and time to make sure that a great photo is taking not just a photo

How long does it take to receive the 8" x 6" Print?

The 8" x 6" print will be available during the session, normally within a few minutes of each photograph being taken

When will we receive the digital image?

The digital images will normally be available for download 24 hours after the session

Can we purchase additional prints?

Yes, Additional 8"x6" prints can be purchased and collected on the day
Professional Quality Prints up to A3+ paper sizes (19" x 13") can be ordered
Poster Printing up to A1 (23.4" x 33,1") can also be ordered